Here are a some valuable thoughts from people that have visited Tina Cutler for her healing sessions. Read about their experiences with Tina and how they feel they benefited from her treatments.

 Ruby Warrington

“I left my session with tina feeling more ‘myself’ than i had in ages. The appointment was at her flat in west london and she came to the door in a white doctor’s coat (!), but the whole experience was deeply mystical. She put noise cancelling headphones and ‘blindfold’ on me, and played rainforest sounds while she worked on me. I felt super relaxed, and she was able to diagnose a body / emotional trauma i’d experienced at age 24 that was still in my tissues. At the end of the session she also gave me a small vial of ‘something’ (still not sure what exactly) that’s she’d made for me to dab on my pulse points like a rescue remedy. Out there, but in the very best way!”

Ruby Warrington - Journalist and founder of The Numinous web site.

 Tina"s comment:  that remedy was a special tailor made vibrational remedy, which helped the body clear anything emotional, physical or mental and bring the body up to optimum Homeostasis. Vibrational Medicine is in its self a science linking into Quantum Physics.

Hilly Shields

Tina has an extraordinary gift. A natural talent which surpasses any healing. Her energies are profound, transforming any of lifes blips, both mentally and phystically, and leaves one feeling cleansed, clear and enlightened. Aside from helping me, Tina also taught me how to help myself. A remarkable healer, an essential treat.

Hilly Shields

Lana Love

Tina has helped me over the last two years with her amazing healing, not just with dealing with my big personal loss, but also at points in my life when i just need that extra clarity, energy and more peace within.

Even when I have big decisions to make in my personal life or bussiness i find extremly useful to have a session with Tina beforehand.

Things become more clear, you get better focus and also a good kick of energy of going out there and taking on the world! Tina is a real giver, who loves what she does, who is very dedicated to helping people and my sessions with her is my ultimate me time. There is no end to Tina's knowledge and every time i see her she comes with new techniques, which is great. I love her reiki sessions...they send me on another planet!

I love Tina's remedy oil too. When i started using it i responded to it straight away! I had such an emotional detox. I honestly didn't expect that litlle bit of 'oil' can do something like that.

Lana Love

Victoria Durrer-Gasse

A "Tina" healing is essential!

Her healing combined with her deep knowledge of vibrational medicine reinforces our grounding and one comes away feeling totally revived with an inner peace giving the ultimate strength needed for our busy daily lives and a genuine deep calm that resonates even into our breathing.

Victoria Durrer-Gasse
Fashion Designer

Karyn Yates

I felt  after your treatments, re focused and positive, balanced, calmer and re energised.

Karyn Yates

Lara Davis (Ibiza Retreats)

Tina's calm professional presence helped me to relax and contemplate my current challenges...  which gave me insights that helped me to create positive changes in my life beyond the treatment room!

Her hands-on treatment and genuine concern for my wellbeing ensured that I could relax deeply and let go of physical tension and deeper, blocked emotions too - a much need clearing at just the right time! Thank you! x

Lara Davis
Ibiza Retreats

Testimonials for TLC Remedies

Here there are other valuable thoughts from people that tried the TLC remedies and wanted to express how they felt after having tried them.

Alex Longmore

TLCI cannot thank you enough for the TLC Remedy. It has added to my health and wellbeing and has truly made the most positive impact on my life. For the first time in years I feel in control, calm and because of using your TLC Remedy and enormous amount of clarity. My working life is normally very stressful, with a million balls constantly up in the air, before TLC I found life overwhelming now I find it not only manageable, but, exciting. I can cope with all the stresses of modern day life so much better than before.  I love the ritual of applying the remedy – it is something that is just for me every day and the beautiful blue bottle stands proud on my dressing table... Just looking at it fills me with serenity.

Its a pick me up in a bottle that every working woman should carry. The bottle and logo is beautiful and inside is pure magic  -just like I feel after applying the remedy. This product will change lives, its already had a huge impact on mine. Thank you.

About Charlie Mouse MY DOG!
Thank you so much for the TLC that I (you) applied on Charlie Mouse. For a dog that was terrified of the car, he is a changed terrier. Before shivering and shaking on the front seat, he now bounds into the car and sleeps the whole journey like a baby. It has bought him great peace and also to me who can finally enjoy the drive!

Alex Longmore
Style School

Pilar Boxford

This remedy restores your balance and stops anxiety. Also it is a miracle if you are stung by a jellyfish. Simply tap gently the remedy where you have been stung and it disappears.

Pilar Boxford
Richemont Group PR Director