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TLC 19 ml Screw Top Bottle

TLC 19 ml Screw Top Bottle

TLC is applied to different parts of the body, rubbed into meridians that access the different organs and parts of the brain.

For a general MOT, depression, insomnia, flu symptoms, stomach bugs, viruses, bacterial infections and detox for the body, apply the remedy every day for one week.

For hangovers, skin disorders, aches and pains, teething, headaches and sickness as and when you need it.

You can also put five drops in a bath and bathe in it for 20 minutes.

I personally use this remedy every day. As it helps the body to stay in perfect working order it in turn keeps one looking young and healthy.
TLC Remedies are 100% natural, purely made up from the vibrations of plants etc. There are no particles in the oil, no artificial ingredients, alcohol and perfume. TLC Remedies are made from natural almond oil. They are non harmful and suitable for adults of all ages, children and animals.

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