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TLC Remedy is miraculous. It is made up of a natural almond oil that holds the vibration of up to fifty different remedies. I originally designed this remedy to help with hangovers and after three years of trials with hundreds of people with varying ailments found that it had fantastic results with helping with so many other general complaints.

This remedy can help with: feeling tired and depressed, skin ailments (jelly fish stings, exema, spots, insect bites), a hangover, sickness (food poisoning, stomach bugs, morning sickness), building up your Immune System, aches and pains, insomnia, teething, flu symptoms, viruses, bacterial infections and headaches.

An all round TLC for your body, mind and soul. It can bring your aura, chackras, spinal fluid, liver, kidneys, spleen, varying systems and brain wave functions working up to a vibration of 100%. Making one feel so much better. It can also remove toxins from your systems.

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