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July 2012

Ibiza Insiders: Tina Cutler

For the first in our series of daily islander profiles, meet a healer with a decades-long connection to the White Isle...

When Tina Cutler first visited Ibiza as a child on school holidays with her family in the ‘70s, the island lacked telephones, electricity, running water, cars, paved roads and any sense of urgency. What it did have were vast, empty beaches and countless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

‘It was all about freedom and going with the energy of the island,’ she says of a place that was less a vacation getaway than a second family home. ‘The more Bohemian you were, the cooler you were.’

This ethos of informality extended to the earliest clubs on the island, which Cutler began frequenting when she was 12 years old. ‘Families went to nightclubs together,’ she recalls. ‘Ku was full of animals. Amnesia was a bar with a pole. Pacha was tiny. They all had swimming pools in the middle and clubbing consisted of going in your bikini and flip flops for the whole day.’

By the time she moved to Ibiza full-time 15 years ago, modernity had caught up with the island. Cutler, known as the Queen of Ibiza for her people-connecting abilities and outré personal style, withdrew from the club scene and undertook years-long training in the healing arts.

Now she works as a healer full-time, treating fashion designers, a princess and at least one supermodel from clinics in London and Ibiza. Her two-hour sessions incorporate Cutler’s own hybrid healing process, a synthesis of techniques including vibrational medicine, craniosacral therapy, EFT, reflexology and crystals. ‘I’ve taken the best bits of everything and put it together,’ she says, ‘and it seems to be very powerful.’ Spirit guides aid her in ghost cleanings and psychic healing. ‘There are other dimensions, and when you start working with these other dimensions, your healing becomes very powerful.’

The shift to ‘ego, money and VIP’ has altered the island Cutler loves, and she’s mulling a return to London to grow her practice. Her favourite moments on Ibiza these days are during winter, when all but the long-term residents depart. ‘Most things are shut down, it’s quiet, it’s easy, the beaches are empty—it’s how it was 30 or 40 years ago.’

But whatever she decides, ‘I’ll never be over Ibiza. I love Ibiza… It’s my home.’


Tina Cutler, Featured in Style Magazine – August 2011

In April I did some beautiful portraits of Tina Cutler, one of Ibiza’s It Girls, at her home in Botafoch.
You look great Tina!

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