tina-cutler-1-aboutTina Cutler has studied various techniques of healing over the last two decades and has practices in London and Ibiza.

 She proficient in Vibrational Medicine from the school of Jack Temple and now Derek Talbot. This technique uses   a pendulum and Vibrational Remedies. She has also studied EFT, Reiki 1 & 2,  Sound Healing (with Jill Purce) and Shamanism. She combines all these healing techniques in her own unique way with Psychic healing, Visualisations, Therapy, Crystal Healing, Brain Wave Sound Healing, natural Cranial Sacral Therapy and a type of Reflexology foot massage using combined personalised Vibrational Medicine oil remediesin a one to two hour healing session.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

 Vibrational medicine, in its use of natural remedies, aims to help the body’s own ability to heal through treating the weak points in the system and thereby improving the internal resources of the body. It works in tandem with conventional medicine in achieving this goal.

The term ‘vibrational’ is connected to the field of Quantum Physics where it is found that all living beings (people, animals and plants) have a unique vibrational frequency or energy field.  Kirlian photography is one of several scientific methods which have illustrated the existence of this field.  If one picks a leaf from a tree and applies a high voltage to its energy field, it can be photographed and observed.  As the leaf dies the field becomes smaller until it disappears when it is dead.  Also, a ‘quantum’ of energy is released by an atom when it reaches a stable state.  This is unique to that particular atom.

Vibrational medicine follows the anatomy and physiology of the body in gaining an understanding of a condition.  In addition it uses meridian lines for application of the remedy.  As such it is a meeting of eastern and western forms of healing.  The many and diverse causes contributing to a condition are identified and a remedy is formulated to alleviate these causes.  These are different in each individual, as our genetic make-up is unique in each individual, and what may negatively affect one person and give rise to disease, may be well tolerated by another.  Vibrational medicine addresses a problem within the context of the individual and does not generalise to the general population.  This may include advice on nutrition and lifestyle as it is an holistic approach.
In vibrational medicine we are constantly trying to access our bodies priority needs for it to heal itself. 

We are able to do this by using a dowsing pendulum, as a diagnostic tool, to ask where the cause of our symptom comes from for e.g. is the problem in an organ, body system, gland, aura, chakra or meridian 
At what age this problem began and what it needs to heal e.g. is it an electrical, emotional, bio chemical, immune, structural or spiritual problem or a combination of these.
Jack Temple developed his own style of natural healing, which over 30 years has made a contribution to the present form of vibrational medicine. Jacks wish was that after his death his work would continue and further develop and expand by producing more qualified practitioners to help propagate his life’s work. His two books “ The Healer” and “Medicine Man” give further insight to his work.

Distance Healing

Tina can distance heal where ever she is, therefore, enabling patients to be able to contact her from all over the world and stay in touch.

Children and Animals

She works frequently with children and animals helping in varying ailments, from anxiety, dyslexia, infections, broken bones, sprains and nose bleeds.

Ghosts, Poltergeists and House Clearings

She also uses her techniques to clear houses of negative energy, negative lay lines, ghosts and Poltergeists. Tina believes in working together with doctors and that Traditional and Complimentary Medicine should be combined. She in no way replaces a doctor and encourages patients to always continue with their check ups and visits to their doctors. 

She believes that combined healing techniques result in a more powerful healing.


Tina is able to help with many varying ailments.  These are some of the problems she addresses:

  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Emotional problems
  • Varying illnesses
  • Relationships
  • Detoxing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Sorrow, Guilt, Shame, Hurt, Anger and general Negative Feelings
  • General MOT
  • Cleaning Chemo from the body after treatment ( she cannot help with Cancer)
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Addictions
  • and many more ailments.....


All her remedies and methods are non harmful and non evasive.

Tina is also a qualified Pilates Matt Work Instructor.

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